Lighthouse Translations provides translation services from and into German and English carried out by native speakers.
Irrespective of your line of work, we provide an accurate translation compliant with the linguistic and technical standards in force.

We accept documents basically in all current formats (*doc, *pdf, *ppt, *xls, *dwg, *jpg, *psd etc.) and our area of expertise consists in:

- translation of official documents
- translation of legal documents
- translation of accounting documents
- translation of technical and IT documents
- translation of marketing and advertising materials
- translation of subtitles and movie scripts
- literary translations
- translation of medical documents

The features that best define our activity are: quality and effectiveness.

This would not be possible without the help of CAT (Computer Aid Translations) tools that guarantee the consistency of the specific terminology and the best results.
We focus exclusively on German and English, deliberately refusing to provide services for other languages. We believe it to be impossible to reach a superior quality level at the same time with covering a wide area of activities. We have organized a quality assurance system through the in-house checking of each project before delivery – which would be impossible in the case of “translations in 32 languages” offices.