We have changed! Not just looks but in-depth too!

We decided to change given our desire to present all the companies in our group through one interface.

Few know that in time, apart from the translation company, which was also the most visible from the group, we also created two other entities, specialized in accounting and financial consulting (Lighthouse Accounting) and in support and office management (Lighthouse Support Services).

We believe that it’s now time to introduce ourselves to potential customers in full format, so we take our first step today, along with launching our new webpage with a new, better and more useful look for our visitors.

Throughout the years we focused on a natural development, based on gathering experience, identifying and recruiting proper colleagues and collaborators. We have learned from our mistakes and we have tried to improve every day so as to provide our customers quality services with a prompt delivery.

Our main advantage is that the companies in the group are independently organized, specialized, managed by experienced people, dedicated to their line of work.

Visit our website and discover that we have decided to share our experience in translations and interpretation by creating an online glossary with the goal to bring together terms and phrases that our translators came across in their activity.

We will also try to keep you up to date with news, legislation changes and other events interesting for our group, through this very column that you are reading now.

We hope that your visit to the new www.light-house.ro will be pleasant and we are available as often as you will need our services.