Professional bookkeeping services

• Registering primary documents as per the legal norms in force and as per the accounting principles.
• Analytical and synthetic registers – customers, providers.
• Registers with fixed assets, computing amortization.
• Drafting the monthly check balance.
• Management accounting and cost computing.
• Drafting and submitting tax and taxation statements required by the legislation in force.
• Drafting other statements or reports required by the legislation in force.
• Drafting, checking and certifying the balance sheet.
• Consolidating check balances for groups of companies and transposing them into the balance sheet.

Consulting, assistance and economic-financial and tax analysis reports

• Analysis of financial structures.
• Analysis of financial flows, cash flow.
• Analysis of accounts payable and receivable.
• Analysis of capitals and intangible assets.
• Drafting the income and expense budget.
• Consulting regarding financial-accounting and tax legislation at the level of your organization.
• Taxpayer assistance during tax audits.
• Consulting for separation, merger, liquidation operations.

Staff – salary services

• Drafting and submitting employee payrolls.
• Drafting and submitting statements regarding obligations pertaining to personnel rights.
• Consulting regarding drafting personnel files.
• Drafting and submitting tax records.

Assistance and consulting for start-ups

• Consulting regarding the tax registration procedures for the public company.
• Registering public companies.